Brain Fog Is Awful

Brain Fog Is Awful
Photo by Milad Fakurian / Unsplash

I have told folks before that my Mother and Maternal Grandmother both died with Dementia.  A terrible disease for both the person and others that they interact with.  (Family)  Some days I have what I hear people call "brain fog".   I just can't seem to get my brain going at the right speed, or just one that I am used to.  Many people I talk to seem to have the same problem, especially as we get older.

I have found a product that might help, and I will try to use it soon and find out.  I have tried some of the advertised products, with no real help.  

If you want to support your brain health and memory...If you’re frustrated by being more forgetful, it’s not your fault. The signaling pathways in your brain are not working the way that they should, like when you were younger.  This isn’t just a problem for people in their 60s and beyond. Having trouble with focus and mental clarity can affect you at any age. But it’s not hard to restore your brain to feel more alert, more focused, and mentally clear than you have in years.  That’s because your signaling pathways are not functioning like they did when you were younger. When you improve your signaling pathways, you will feel like the cloud has been lifted from your brain.

Follow the link below or the one on the "Tools" page. Let me know how it works for you, too!  Email me at:

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