Tools & Resources I Use and Recommend

Tools & Resources I Use and Recommend
Photo by Todd Quackenbush / Unsplash

If you have any questions about any of the tools I use to grow my site and build my business, just let me know.

Some links may be referral links and I may earn a small commission when a service is purchased or used. This does not affect your cost and may save you money, in some cases.

Ghost - Yes, we're building Dean Benson Rocks on the Ghost blog platform. We love it!

Groove - Many of my mini-sites are built using the Groove Funnel and Page Builder. Sign up for the Free Forever account and you can use Groove to build three websites at no cost ever.

Canva - We use Canva for so much. Graphics and short videos. Find out what we already know. Take a test drive. Sign up for your free account. This is a great way for salespeople to connect with prospects and others, without using a "business card". I use this device! It automatically gives people your contact info like a business card would, but directly to their smartphone. It saves the planet, no more paper business cards, and connects them to you also! Click here!

Struggling with Focus and Mental Clarity? I just found this, and it makes sense! I have my days when the old noodle doesn't seem to get into gear fast enough or I always say I have a great memory, but it is too short. This product can help. What they say makes sense, and I am going to try it soon! To get more info just click here on this link to get to the correct website!

Need a powerhouse of a system for CRM, Email Lists, Websites, doing it all? You need to try this great tool that will save you time, money, and overall effort. "GoHilevel" is THE quintessential platform to do everything from affiliate marketing to building single or multiple websites, using it for email marketing, CRM or tons of other business and personal uses. Click the link and survey the contents to see if it fits for you. I BET it will!!! SEE IT HERE-—