Dean Pattison: Master of Seamless Transitions between Classic Rock Personality and Car Sales

Dean Pattison:  Master of Seamless Transitions between Classic Rock Personality and Car Sales
Photo by Tirza van Dijk / Unsplash

In a world where professional pursuits often demand exclusive commitment, Dean Pattison defies convention by gracefully juggling two seemingly disparate careers. On one hand, he's an integral part of Ken Garff VW Sales, providing top-notch customer service and making car buying a fun, pleasant experience for all. On the other hand, he transforms into Dean Benson, an On-Air Personality at, the only classic rock channel. The intriguing part? He manages to blend these two worlds seamlessly, leaving us in awe of his extraordinary multitasking skills and passion for both things.

From Car Sales to Classic Rock: A Dual Identity: Dean Pattison's story is a testament to the fact that passion knows no bounds. By day, he's a prominent figure at Ken Garff VW Sales, renowned for his friendly demeanor,  product knowledge, and dedication to helping customers find their perfect cars. But as the sun sets, he undergoes a remarkable transformation. Donning the identity of Dean Benson, he steps into the world of classic rock at, where he captivates listeners with his vibrant personality and encyclopedic knowledge of rock music. He is on air middays, yet isn’t in the studio.  How?  Recording it all in advance!  (That’s the big secret)

Seamless Transitions: The Art of Balancing: What makes Dean Pattison's journey truly remarkable is his ability to seamlessly transition between these two diverse roles. From guiding a customer through the features of a sleek Volkswagen to entertaining a global audience with the timeless tunes of classic rock, he exhibits a level of versatility that is inspiring. It's not just about wearing different hats; it's about wearing them with finesse and passion.

Passion as the Driving Force: Dean's success in maintaining this unique duality can be attributed to one underlying factor: his unwavering passion. His love for cars and his dedication to providing an exceptional car-buying experience mirrors his enthusiasm for classic rock music. This shared passion serves as a bridge that connects these two aspects of his life, allowing him to infuse authenticity into everything he does.

The Synergy: One might wonder how someone can excel in both the automotive industry and the world of classic rock. A closer look reveals that these domains aren't as different as they might appear. Dean's exceptional communication skills, honed on the car sales floor, translate seamlessly to his radio persona, creating an engaging experience for listeners. Moreover, his ability to connect with people – whether it's understanding a customer's preferences or relating to music enthusiasts – is a thread that ties these roles together.

Inspiration for Aspiring Multitaskers: Dean Pattison's story isn't just intriguing; it's an inspiration for those who aspire to balance their diverse passions and talents. His world reminds us that with the right attitude, dedication, and a bit of creativity, we can create our own unique paths that blend our interests harmoniously.  It is very important in this totally forward-thinking job market.

Dean Pattison's dual identity as both a successful car salesman and a charismatic classic rock radio personality showcases his exceptional ability to seamlessly integrate two seemingly unrelated worlds. His journey is a testament to the power of passion, versatility, and unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in every endeavor. As Dean Pattison continues to rock both the car sales industry and the airwaves, he leaves us with a valuable lesson: With passion as your compass, you can navigate several; paths and make them uniquely your own, even if they are many and varied!

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