Hanging Out with "The Dean of Rock & Roll" on SKY7music.com

Hanging Out with "The Dean of Rock & Roll" on SKY7music.com

Here is a new article, on me, Dean Benson, "The Dean of Rock & Roll"!

Hey there! Pull up a chair and let’s tune into some tunes with Dean Benson, or as folks around here like to call me, “The Dean of Rock & Roll.” Broadcasting from "The Only Classic Rock" channel on SKY7music.com, my show's where you get your midday fix of rock classics and a side of chuckles with my oh-so-famous “Dean-isms.”

I’ve loved rock music ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, with the sounds of Elvis, The Grass Roots, Uriah Heep, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin playing like a soundtrack to my life. It’s not just about the tunes for me; it’s about sharing those killer tracks and the humor that makes rock music a blast.

When midday rolls around, that’s my cue to hit the 'net and roll out a mix of rock’s greatest hits and hidden gems. I like to keep things easy-going and sprinkle in my Dean-isms, just to keep everyone on their toes.

Now, my "Dean-isms" are where I really have some fun. You might catch me cracking a joke or spinning a yarn that’ll make you laugh and smile as you munch your lunch. It’s all about keeping the good vibes rolling and the great music flowing.

The show’s pretty straightforward—no fuss, all fun. We start with some big-name classics to get into the groove and then maybe re-discover some obscure favorites together. And don’t be shy! I’m all about hearing from you folks. Drop a line to; deanbensonrocks@gmail.com  this show’s as much yours as it is mine.

And speaking of feedback, I like to use our show to lend a hand for good causes. Whether it’s a local charity or a big-time fundraiser, we rock out to help out. It’s our way of sticking together and making a difference, one rock song at a time.

So, if you’re looking to kick back with some classic tracks and a few really good laughs, "The Dean of Rock & Roll" is your go-to midday getaway. Tune into www.SKY7music.com and let’s rock this joint. Just remember, it’s all about the music, the fun, and the folks who love them both.  Remember, there are 4 channels, but I am only on the “Only Classic Rock” channel.  

Find our app, but make sure it is the one with the black background, and there we are, you can listen to me in your car through bluetooth or Apple Car Play/Android Auto, or on Alexa-enabled devices, just ask Alexa to play SKY7!

Catch you on the “net”, and let’s keep those rock & roll flames burning bright!

Dean Benson, “The Dean of Rock & Roll

Also see me at:  www.deansfavorites.com or on www.valleyfavorites.com