New and Improved Dean-isms, Liners and Promos!

New and Improved Dean-isms, Liners and Promos!
Photo by Bradley Lembach / Unsplash

Most of you know that I have a daily internet radio show on on the Only Classic Rock Channel.  

As of today, the opener for the show has changed, there will be hourly ID/promos for me, and all new liners/"Dean-isms".  

There are over 288 new items on tap for you listeners, and the best classic rock programming there is bar none!  We play everything from AC/DC to ZZTop and back again!  We have the largest library of classic rock that I know of, including my stuff.  Everything from popular tracks to the obscure and odd, we have it and play it!  If you aren't listening to Sky7 Only Classic Rock, you aren't getting the best.

Please listen, and you can always email me at: for suggestions and anything else you want to talk about.   Try me, I do answer my emails!

Thank you all for supporting my show, my blog, and my articles!   I appreciate your help one and all keep listening, please!