I Am Now A Digital "Marketeer"

I Am Now A Digital "Marketeer"
Photo by Firmbee.com / Unsplash

For the past roughly 6 months, I have been working towards more digital marketing, In that time I have opened 16 domains. Some informational, some fun stuff, and some are for affiliate marketing.

I actually get a kick out of building my own sites, mostly I am just learning with the help of my mentor, Mike Lamb, who owns Sky7music.com (only classic rock channel, middays) the radio station where I do a show. I still need a lot of direction, but he is a HUGE help, both in radio stuff, and in marketing on the web. (Thanks Mike!)

Designing and building a website is much easier, using GoHighLevel. This powerhouse tool is a Godsend! It has a CRM, web hosting. bulk email capabilities, and many other cool gadgets! (Who doesn't love gadgets?)

So I have a few sites up and running, including most of my "Dean Benson" items, deanbensonrocks.com , deansfavorites.com, expertcarguy.com, valleyfavorites.com and more! I also have a "Stan Store" for e-books I have written, some information, some funny. (Cheap too!) If you have something to sell, a Stan-Store doesn't take credit card fees, just a small monthly fee, attach it to your Stripe Acct. and you are ready to sell!

I am also using The Roadmap 3.0 for training and learning about marketing. It is a HUGE help and is good for beginners and seasoned pros alike. It is a video course for marketing by some of the best in the business. It hasn't steered me wrong yet! When you buy it, you also get FULL MASTER RESALE RIGHTS. So, one sale, and you make your investment back! Check it out! Follow the above link.

The journey into digital marketing is a real trip, so much to learn and apply on a daily basis. I make mistakes, I misunderstand, and my Guru, Mike is sooo patient. I am trying to set up my retirement, with lots of income, so I do not need to worry about money when I cannot physically "work".

Thanks again Mr. Lamb.

Dean Benson, "The Dean of Rock & Roll" SKY&MUSIC.COM Middays everyday!