I Just Got a New Microphone For My Daily Radio Show and It's Amazing!

I Just Got a New Microphone For My Daily Radio Show and It's Amazing!
Photo by Rune Skovholm / Unsplash

It is my 35th wedding anniversary today, and my amazing wife gave me a Shure mv7 podcast microphone as a gift.  (Yes, I got her some nice things that she wanted also, I am not married for 35 years without learning some things)  I had been using another brand of microphone for over 4 years and thought it was really good.  It really was good enough, considering I could use my Audacity software to make it sound like me, only better.  

Now, for my 35th wedding anniversary, my lovely wife got me a stellar microphone.  It is pictured above.  I was excited to start using it for my "Dean-isms", and for the liners between songs on SKY7music.com/onlyclassicrock.

I tried it out last night, rolling out liners to put on the air.  Holy Moses, what a difference!  So smooth, so on point for what I sound like.  A little eq, a little compression, and voila, done.  Editing is now about half of the work to make me sound human, and the room sounds great, even though it is just my office at home!

I am super motivated to run all my old liners to make them sound uniform to the new microphone.  That is going to take some work and time, but, well worth the better quality.  

I am also motivated now to answer some of the voice-over work ads that I get from different places.  I used to think that I didn't sound professional enough, or have enough experience, but with over 15 years of portable D.J. experience and 4+ years on the air with SKY7music.com/onlyclassicrock, I think it is time to look actively for voice-over work and branch out!

I am very excited for the new stuff to come!  BUT!  Please, keep listening to me on my show mid-days on SKY7music.com/onlyclassicrock.

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