Rocking the Middays With Dean Benson, "The Dean of Rock & Roll" (on, The Only Classic Rock Channel)

Rocking the Middays With Dean Benson,  "The Dean of Rock & Roll"  (on, The Only Classic Rock Channel)

Rock and roll isn't just a genre; it's a lifestyle, and no one knows this better than Dean Benson, Self-Proclaimed,  "The Dean of Rock & Roll." Broadcasting on, the Only Classic Rock Channel. Dean has become the voice of midday classic rock, delivering not just tunes but a hefty dose of personality that has captured the hearts of listeners everywhere. What sets him apart? His trademark "Dean-isms' ' – those quirky, off-the-cuff remarks that make every show an unpredictable adventure. Ready to rock out with a twist? Stick around as we dive into the weird world of Dean Benson.

Who is Dean Benson?

In the world of classic rock, few names resonate like Dean Benson. With a career spanning several decades, Dean has become synonymous with the spirit of rock and roll. But who is the man behind the mic? Dean's journey began in the small clubs, weddings, parties, and bars, where his passion for music was as clear as his talent for entertaining. As his reputation grew, so did his audience, leading him eventually to the digital airwaves of

At, Dean found his groove. He wasn't just playing tracks; he was crafting memories, feelings, and experiences, connecting with listeners across the globe through his unique blend of humor, storytelling, and, of course, an impeccable selection of rock anthems. But it's not just his musical taste that keeps the audience hooked; it's his personality, bumped into every segment of his show. The Home of Classic Rock isn't just another online radio station; it's a sanctuary for classic rock aficionados. Here, the golden era of rock lives on, with a playlist that's like a who's who of rock legends. From the electrifying riffs of Hendrix to the soulful melodies of Fleetwood Mac, this station has it all. But what truly sets apart is its dedication to the classic rock scene. While you listen to it revels in bringing the best of classic rock to your daily routine, making every lunch break a rock and roll roll-back with Dean.  Listen to the anthems, and songs you haven’t heard in years, making it the soundtrack of your younger days! 

The "Dean-isms": Those Quirks That Define Dean’s Show

Let's get to the heart of the matter: the infamous "Dean-isms." These aren't just catchphrases; they're the essence of Dean's personality, a blend of wit, wisdom, sarcasm, satire, and just a touch of wackiness. Take, for instance, his classic opener, “We have the biggest library of classic rock, and I’m in control!” It's not just a statement; it's a promise of the rock & roll world that awaits.

Then there are his on-air antics. Who can forget the time he jokingly threatened to play nothing but dog barking and kazoo covers of Led Zeppelin unless listeners emailed with their favorite rock tracks? Or the time he described a particularly epic guitar solo as "what happens when your fingers are channeling  the ghost of dead rock legends"? These moments aren't scripted; they're spontaneous outbursts of Dean's vibrant/strange personality, endearing him to his audience day after day.

Listeners have shared their own favorite "Dean-isms" on social media, turning some of his quips into viral sensations. From his humorous observations about rock stars to his unique takes on everyday life, Dean's words resonate far beyond the confines of his midday show. You know you are too old if you fall down and no one laughs, and someone offers to call 911!

A Day in the Life of "The Dean of Rock & Roll"

So, what does a typical day look like for Dean Benson at It's a blend of meticulous preparation and impromptu magic. Mornings are for music curation, where Dean dives into his vast library of tracks, selecting the perfect mix of classic hits and hidden gems. But once he's on air, it's all about living in that moment. He shares anecdotes, and, of course, unleashes his signature "Dean-isms." "We have the largest library of Classic Rock, I am in control, and I'm not afraid to use it!"

But it's not just about the music or the laughs. Dean has a knack for connecting with his audience on a very deep level. Whether he's offering words of wacked out wisdom or simply sharing a story, he creates a sense of community that's rare in our sterilized digital age.

Why Dean Benson is a Must-Listen on

The magic of Dean Benson's midday show goes beyond just the tunes and laughs. It's about feeling like you're part of something bigger – a global family of classic rock lovers. Dean doesn't just play music; he weaves tales of a time gone by, ignites thoughts, and creates an atmosphere that's as invigorating as the first chord of a rock anthem. His ability to blend humor, history, and heart into each show is what makes tuning in an essential part of your day. Whether you're a long-time rock fan or just discovering the genre, Dean's show is your gateway to an enriched appreciation of classic rock.

So In The End–

Dean Benson is more than just a run of the mill DJ; he's a rock and roll professor, working a huge blackboard of classic hits, laughter, and community every midday on His "Dean-isms'' aren't just catchy phrases; they're the soundtrack to a unique and unforgettable listening experience. So, if you're ready to rock your day with a twist, tune in to Dean Benson's show on Join the platoon of almost rabid fans who've found their midday rock revival. The only thing left is, "Coffee: 'Cause great days don't ever start with a kale smoothie!"

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