Alzheimer's/Dementia/ A Possible External Source?

Alzheimer's/Dementia/ A Possible External Source?
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I once read a sci-fi/fantasy series of books called “Shadowrun”. It was a fairly good series, by many authors, but the item that struck me was the part in the books about an ailment, they called the “Shakes or Blacks”. It referred to a sickness where people had tremors, their color went dark, they would cease to communicate, become violent, etc. The authors attributed the ailment to so much radio-style energy in the air, like Bluetooth, Wi-fi, radio, t.v., and all the other microwave transmissions that were made with powerful amplifiers to make sure the messages got out.                                                                                   I am beginning to think that maybe the sci-fi of today, is coming true. I know some of the old “Star Trek” items are real now, communicators, scanners, etc. Maybe just maybe, the airwaves are becoming polluted and it just may be the reason for people losing their memory, becoming shaky like Parkinson’s disease, and maybe more. I know that I have Tinnitus, a ringing in my ears, that I attribute to my years as a portable D.J. That was my thinking, but looking at it now, some of the other ailments that I attribute to age may be because of external sources, like energies that are pumped through the air. (I know it sounds like I am a crackpot.) But, could it be? Could there be a component of it?

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