My Time as Judge at a Karaoke Contest!

My Time as Judge at a Karaoke Contest!
Photo by Harry Shelton / Unsplash

Well, I got asked to do a charity event.  It was a karaoke contest.  I have never seen a karaoke contest, per se.  I went along with it to try to be a good person, promote the charity, and most of all the radio station I do voice for from noon to three daily,  I am Dean Benson on the Only Classic Rock channel.  

I thought it would promote the station, so I took a banner with me for the station, and soon found out the venue, (an hour away from home), didn't have room for it.  Ok, on we go.  I was introduced with the other judges, a short intro.  I thought we would get a chance to do the "30 second commercial", so I was prepared for that.  No such luck.  

The lady who was promoting the contest also told me that a local "terrestial" radio station owner would be there.... nope.  However, the lady promoter was SO OVER THE MOON nice to me and my wife, I just couldn't fault her at all.  The program went off without too many hitches, and all went fairly well, no fights, no gunplay, etc, which is good for the area we were in.  

Overall I would do it again, but I would not drag my wife with me, as she had to put up with VERY cramped seating, and BAD singing.  There were a few bright spots in the talent, but very few.

If you have a chance, try it, you never know how it will turn out.

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